Oil and propane Services

Oil & Propane Services​

Never run out of fuel again!
Sherman can deliver oil, kerosene or propane to your home or commercial application for an attractive rate.

Delivery? No Problem

Contact us to set up a schedule by the month or week as needed. Are you a farmer or do you have another seasonal to year-round occupation? We can accommodate your need for large deliveries on short notice, or with a modified schedule. Check-on delivery service with no extra or hidden delivery fees is also offered.

When you call Sherman for a delivery, you can count on great customer service and efficient delivery. Do you have an emergency? 

Where Do We Deliver?

No matter where in the region you are, propane can be on the way at the touch of a button!

Tank services

Servicing your own oil, propane and kerosene propane equipment can be dangerous as mistakes can lead to fires, explosions, and gas leaks. Sherman professionals are well-trained, understand the dangers, and will take all safety precautions to avoid these hazards. We can offer you:

Tank Refills

Keeping on a schedule to fill your fuel tanks is a must in the wintertime. We can put your residence or business on a schedule to keep you full at all times so you don't have to worry.

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